TMT not a Travel Agency. We are a Tour Operator. We do not get commissions or "kickbacks" from any of our suppliers, hotels, bus companies, restaurants or shops we may visit. 


We are happy to make any pre or post-tour travel arrangements or hotel reservations for you, if requested prior to 60 days before your tour starts. There will be a minimum $75 USD Service Fee charged (plus 5% Goods & Services Tax) to each invoice. We will do our best to find you a room at the tour hotel, but we cannot guarantee it. If necessary, we will accommodate you at a nearby hotel of equivalent ranking if the tour hotel is not available. Please note that the room rates charged may be higher than the lowest rates you might see on discount hotel room booking sites. This is because we always make sure to have fully refundable rates (in case your flight is delayed and you don't need the room) that also includes breakfast. 


Our tours start and end on the dates noted on each itinerary, at the locations noted and during the time frame note (for example "On May 24, 2018 before 1 pm at Prague airport"). Transportation from that location, to the hotel, during the window of time indicated is included with your tour price. If you arrive outside of this window, getting yourself to the tour hotel at the appointed date and time is your responsibility. Alternately, you can meet us at the airport or train station as indicated, and travel to the tour hotel with us. If you depart a tour prior to the date and time indicated (usually around 7:00AM on the final day of the tour), due to your flight arrangements, that transportation cost is also your responsibility. We are happy to arrange alternate transportation for you, for a Service Fee of $40 USD (plus 5% Goods & Services Tax).

Other Arrangements:

Any other arrangements we may make for you, outside of the published tour dates, including train tickets, museum or monument entrance tickets, public transportation passes, event tickets or day trips will be subject to a minimum $75 USD Service Fee (plus 5% Gods & Services Tax).

If we provide more than one of these services, the maximum Service Fee charged will be $100 USD (plus 5% Goods & Services Tax) per invoice (not per guest).

Any payments made for pre-tour or post-tour activities, such as, but not limited to, hotel rooms, transportation, tours & activities, are wholey non-refundable once the primary tour has commenced. We strongly recommend Travel Insurance.

Updated 01/01/17

Pre & Post Tour Arrangements

Arriving or Departing outside of the stated Tour dates & times