​​​Booking Conditions

Triple M Tours
The tour operator for your trip is Triple M Tours or “TMT”.
133 Chaparral Crescent SE, Calgary, Alberta CANADA T2X 3M3.

GST # 81828 1792 RT0001.

These Booking Conditions are subject to change at any time with or without notice. Your agreement to these Booking Conditions constitutes your agreement to any updates which can be found at www.triplemtours.ca/termsandconditions.

NOTE: Triple M Tours is a Tour Operator and does not own, manage, control or operate any aircraft, ground transportation, hotel, resort, cruise ship, restaurant, guided tour and excursion companies, ticket show or other supplier associated with the assembly of your tour.

Reserving your tour
To reserve a place on any TMT tour, a deposit of $500USD per person is required. TMT gift certificates or prize vouchers cannot be used as a deposit for a tour. We accept wait-list reservations on most tours. The full deposit is required to secure a place on the waitlist. If we are unable to confirm your reservation by 60 days prior to departure because there are not enough travellers for the tour to depart, your deposit will be refunded in full.

A few of our tours involve classes or other special events with limited spaces available, and have a "Hold My Spot" NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. This amount is non-refundable at any time after it's made, UNLESS you can find someone to take your place on the tour. This "HMS" deposit amount will either be in lieu of our normal tour deposit of $500USD (with the balance of the tour cost split over the remaining months) OR deducted from the normal tour deposit of $500USD. You will be invoiced with the remaining tour balance at monthly intervals until the booking deadline for your tour. Payments are due on the first day of the month, unless otherwise specified for a particular tour.

A "Hold My Spot" or full deposit payment constitutes agreement to these Terms & Conditions.

Terms of reservations
The deposit is fully refundable if you cancel within 72 hours of booking the tour. After 72 hours, cancellation fees apply (see “Refunds & cancellations” section). Reservations made fewer than 72 hours prior to the final payment date (see “Making payments” section) will be refundable up until the final payment due date for the tour. Prior to the final payment date, you may change your reservation to a new tour for a re-booking fee of $50USD (which must be collected at time of re-booking) plus any difference in tour price due to price increases, changes in travel season or tour. If you have purchased a Travel Protection Insurance, you will also be responsible to contact them to make your claim. Terms & Conditions in place at the time of re-booking will apply to all changed reservations.

Making payments
The final payment date for land tours is 90 days prior to departure (unless otherwise specified on a particular tour). No checks or money orders. Only PayPal, Visa or MasterCard are accepted as form of payment. Please note that a $10USD PER DAY late fee will automatically be applied to accounts for which payment is not received by the final payment due date. TMT reserves the right to cancel a reservation if payment is not received on time, in which case cancellation fees will apply. In the unlikely event that an invoice is not received, payment is still due as stated above or in your tour confirmation documents. TMT will email final travel documents and itinerary only after your account has been paid in full and your completed confirmation statement has been received. In the case of tours offering a monthly or bi-monthly payment plan, payments that are 30 days overdue (with no alternate arrangements being made) will result in a 15% per month interest charge being added to the following invoice, along with the unpaid balance from the previous invoice. If 2 consecutive invoices are in arrears, the reservation will be cancelled and will be subject to our cancellation schedule.
Prices are per person based on double occupancy. If there are significant changes in pricing from our vendors or major fluctuations in the currency market, prices may increase. For the most up-to-date pricing, please see the specific tour page.  Currency exchange rates are done automatically by PayPal. It is up to the guest to be aware of currency fluctuations when paying their invoices.

Single Supplements

Please note that a single supplement guarantees a private room — not a larger or nicer room, as European single-bed rooms are generally the smallest and most basic rooms the hotel has to offer!

Allergies or Dietary Restrictions

TMT takes Allergies very seriously. If you have any food or environmental allergies, such as,  but not limited to, nuts or bee stings, you MUST disclose this to TMT and the Tour Manager of your tour. TMT will make every effort to inform group dining venues of your food allergy, but cannot guarantee your allergen(s) will not be present in your meal, or the meals of those around you. It is your responsibility to carry the appropriate and necessary medication to counteract these allergens for the duration of your tour. TMT will not be held responsible if you do have an allergic reaction regardless of whether or not they have been informed of said allergy. Food preferences DO NOT constitute an allergy. Every effort will be made to accommodate these preferences, but their availability cannot be guaranteed.  You may be required to provide a doctor's certificate verifying you do in fact have a specific allergy, and not simply a preference for, or dislike of, certain foods. This certificate, if requested by TMT will be provided prior to 90 days before departure and any costs associated with obtaining it are your responsibility. Failure to inform TMT of your allergy or preference prior to 90 days before departure could result in group menu items or pre-selected meals not meeting your specific desires. In such a case, you will be responsible for purchasing your own meal.

Reservations after Final Payment date
Late additions are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and may be subject to additional costs from our suppliers. Your payment must be made in full by credit card at the time of reservation. Late additions are subject to standard cancellation fees (see “Refunds & cancellations”) applicable at the time of reservation.

Revision fees
Failure to provide accurate and required information at the time of reservation could result in additional fees. Changes made after the final payment date (see “Making payments”) will be considered late changes and are made at the sole discretion of TMT. Any changes (including, but not limited to, travel dates) may be subject to a service charge of $75USD plus any costs TMT incurs from its suppliers. Once the tour has started, changes affecting return date will not be permitted.

TMT has a strict policy on baggage. Baggage is limited to one (1) standard 26” high wheeled suitcase, and one (1) backpack or purse per traveler. TMT does not provide any porter or luggage services. Stair climbing and long walks with luggage could occur and you are responsible for moving your own luggage. Occasionally guests MIGHT be able to add one (1) piece of carry-on luggage (21” high or less). You will be notified if this pertains to the tour you are on​.

Use of Public Transportation while on Tour
For a number of reasons (outlined at http://www.triplemtours.ca/transit-metro.html) Triple M Tours makes extensive use of the convenient, cost effective and highly efficient Public Transportation systems (both in the form of local public transit in a city and the network of trains that travel between towns and cities across Europe) whenever it makes the most sense to do so. With that in mind, please be aware that stairs, escalators and medium distance walks (sometimes up hills, on uneven cobblestone, and possibly with your luggage) are to be expected. Please talk to us before booking your tour if you have any kind of mobility problems. Failure to do so could result in your TMT Tour Manager arranging a Taxi to return you to the hotel, at your own cost, any time (or multiple times) while on tour.​ On tours where you are provided with Metro or other Public Transit passes, should you lose or misplace the pass, replacing it for the balance of the time spent in that city, will be at your own cost. In some cases, the physical cards are owned by TMT and have been purchased with the intent of being used on future tours. If you lose or fail to turn in such a card, when requested, you will be invoiced for the cost of replacing the card, plus the funds still remaining on the missing card.

Health & capabilities
TMT tours are usually very active tours with quite a bit of walking and all participants should be in good physical and mental health. TMT encourages participation of disabled passengers on our tours. While we make every effort to provide such passengers with the same experience enjoyed by ambulatory participants, we cannot accept responsibility for itinerary deviations that disabled passengers’ limitations may necessitate. In some instances, particular requirements may demand costs in excess of those quoted in TMT literature. As with any special request, TMT reserves the right to pass on such costs to the participant. For example, due to infrastructure or other limitations, we may be unable to make special provisions abroad. In some instances, entries into many historic sites are limited by the existence of stairs. Also, many of the roads tend to be narrow and winding, often making it impossible for buses to drive up to your hotel. In these cases, participants may need to negotiate a considerable distance from the tour bus to their hotel. It can also be difficult abroad to arrange for a tour bus equipped with a wheelchair lift or cargo capacity for a scooter. TMT representatives are available to discuss any specific accommodations that disabled passengers might require and how best to arrange them. When reserving your tour, please inform your Tour Consultant of any physical disabilities or limitations so he/she can help you determine the appropriateness of the selected itinerary. If such limitations require additional assistance, TMT requires that you travel with a companion who can provide such assistance. Failure to do so could result in your TMT Tour Manager arranging transportation to return you to the hotel, at your own cost, any time (or multiple times) while on tour.

Our hotels
The hotels chosen by TMT are all rated 4-Stars or more (3-star Superior in Hungary). In France specifically,  the star rating is governed by the French Ministry of Tourism. Other countries have different criteria, but are quite similar for the most part. If a change becomes necessary for any reason, hotels substituted will be comparable to those shown. Hotel rooms in Europe are typically smaller and less standardized than those in North America. Typically, a “double” or “twin room” will have two twin beds placed side by side, NOT 2 Queen-sized beds. Also, single rooms tend to be smaller than twin rooms, and may not have as desirable a location within the hotel. Please do not expect hotel rooms in Europe to be the same as hotel rooms in North America. In Europe, it is standard policy that hotel rooms are not available for check-in before 2pm. TMT uses a third party content provider to provide some enriched hotel information. We make every effort to ensure that the hotel information described online is current and accurate and updates are posted on our website when new information is made available. However TMT cannot be responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions contained herein. Hotel information contained herein is provided as a guideline only and should be verified directly with other available sources.

Special arrangements or Pre &/or Post Tour arrangements
Deviations from published tour itineraries (such as, but not limited to, travel dates, times and gateways) will result in additional costs. TMT can arrange pre- or post-tour accommodations & transportation, when available. This will be quoted on a case by case basis. While fulfillment cannot be guaranteed, TMT will make every effort to accommodate special travel requests. Please note: Due to the nature of TMT hotel contracts, pre- or post-stay arrangements may be in a different hotel from that of the main tour. TMT must be notified of all special arrangement requests no later than 60 days prior to departure for consideration. Any payments made for pre-tour or post-tour activities, such as, but not limited to, hotel rooms, transportation, tours & activities, are entirely non-refundable once the primary tour has commenced. We strongly recommend Travel Insurance. Service fees for this additional planning will apply.

See HERE for more information on our Service Fees.

Making your own flight arrangements
TMT provides a LAND ONLY tour service. You must make your own flight arrangements for  our tours. If it is necessary for TMT to change or cancel your tour program in any way, you will be responsible for altering your flight plans accordingly and for any costs that result from such changes or cancellations. This is why we highly recommend Travel Insurance.

Flight delays & cancellations
TMT cannot be held responsible for any flight delays or cancellations caused by reasons including, but not limited to weather, mechanical issues or personnel strike. In the event of a flight delay, you must work directly with the airline to be re-booked. Once your new flight is confirmed, you must then notify TMT with your new arrival time. If you are arriving later than your original scheduled flight, you may not be met by a TMT representative. If this is the case, transportation to the hotel will be your responsibility. Persons missing tour portions or components (including, but not limited to, meals, excursions or sightseeing tours) due to flight delays or cancellations will not be refunded by TMT.

Travel documents

In an effort to be eco-friendly, all documents will be sent to you via email. Some documents will require signatures &/or initials and will be sent electronically using Adobe Cloud services. Final travel documents, including detailed itineraries and hotel information, will be emailed approximately 14 days prior to departure. If you require your travel documents to be sent by traditional postal services, they will be mailed to you within 2 business days of booking your trip. The signed documents must be returned to Triple M Tours no more than 15 days after you have received them. A supplemental fee of $15USD will be applied for deliveries in Canada and $20USD will apply to deliveries outside of Canada. If your mailing address changes or if you want your final documents sent to a different address, you must notify TMT prior to your final payment date. Otherwise, you will be responsible for any additional mailing costs. In the event of a group of people traveling together do not all live at the same address, they may choose to have all documents sent to ONE address and then distributed to the group, OR document packages sent to the individual addresses, for an additional fee of $10 per address. Please discuss with us prior to your final payment date if this situation applies to your party.

Tour member expectations - What we expect of YOU.

Our tours are physically active, our hotels may provide fewer North American-style amenities (see info on hotels above), and our people policy emphasizes NO GRUMPS! These are key characteristics of the TMT tour experience. On any TMT tour, you assume certain obligations and responsibilities to Triple M Tours and your fellow tour members, including, but not limited to, the following:
1) Carry or roll your own luggage for up to 15 minutes over uneven pavement from the bus to the hotel, then - in the event of an elevator breakdown - haul it up as many as five flights of stairs to reach your room.
2) Be comfortable on your feet with brisk two-hour walking tours, climbing lots of stairs, hopping on and off public transportation, plus standing and walking for up to four hours inside museums and outdoors in all weather conditions.
3) Sleep with potentially no (or inadequate) air conditioning and street noise in some hotels. TMT can not predict heat waves or be held responsible in the event that a hotel's air conditioning system can not keep up. Sometimes "Stuff" just happens. Try to be a good sport about it please.
4) After orientation and transportation lessons, be able to navigate towns and cities on your own.

Our tour managers cannot provide assistance for any of these activities! Tour members requiring help must be accompanied by an able companion who can be entirely responsible for providing the assistance. (If you have concerns about the physical demands of our tours, please call us!)

Traveling with Children
TMT allows children on select tours. Travelers must be at least ten (10) years of age and accompanied by an adult, authorized guardian or a parent AT ALL TIMES. All children, regardless of their age, require passports to board an international flight. If a child will be traveling with adults other than his/her parents or with only one parent, a notarized letter must be submitted by his/her parents or the non-traveling parent, granting authorization to travel, including the dates of travel. Please contact the appropriate consulate and airlines as they may have additional requirements or recommendations. This is for the safety of the child.  TMT is not responsible for delays to your trip caused by inadequate documentation for minor children traveling with you (including Passports), nor will we hold up the tour for you.

Family Vacations
For Family Vacations, TMT requires at least one member of the traveling party to be under the age of 15. Travelers younger than 18 years old (herein “child” or “children”) on the departure date must be accompanied by an adult throughout the duration of the vacation. TMT welcomes children aged ten (10) and older. Some activities within a vacation may have weight/height restrictions and/or different minimum ages than our overall minimum eligibility age or recommended minimum age. Triple and quadruple rooms are available on select “Family Tour” packages. Age restrictions for quadruple rooms may apply. Please contact TMT for details.

Refunds & cancellations
If you cancel your reservation, the cancellation fee schedule below will apply. Upon notifying TMT of your cancellation, you will be given a confirmation number that verifies your cancellation. If you purchased travel insurance protection and are canceling for a reason covered under the policy guidelines, cancellation fees will be reimbursed to you directly from YOUR insurance company. In the event that you have to cancel your tour on the day of departure, you must notify TMT prior to the departure of the tour. Any penalties for supplemental services/guarantees (including, but not limited to, flights, hotels or late additions) resulting from cancellations made at your request will be your responsibility, and all service fees are non-refundable. Substitution of travelers is not permitted. If you choose to return home before the scheduled completion of your tour, you will not be eligible for any refund or reimbursement from TMT for any unused portion of your trip or costs incurred by leaving your trip early. If you choose to take accommodations other than at the hotel used for the tour, you will not be eligible for any refund for rooms or services not used, nor will you be able to participate in any tour activities yet to take place. TMT highly recommends travel insurance protection.

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Fees for European Land Tours. If you are on the Beading Through Bohemia Tour, the cruise line's cancellation policy applies IN ADDITION to this schedule.

*Percentages listed are of the TOTAL tour cost including deposits. Some tours have Non-Refundable “Hold My Spot” deposits for classes or special events. These will only be refunded if you have found someone to take your spot on the tour.

Time FrameCancellation Fee (includes deposit) Per Traveler
up to 72 HOURS after initial deposit$0.00 Deposit is fully refundable
From 4 days after deposit to 121 days prior to departure$500 USD + any nonrefundable cruise or HMS deposit amounts
120 -61 days prior to departure
$1,000 USD or 100%* (whichever is less) + any nonrefundable cruise or HMS deposit amounts
60 - 0 days prior to departure 100%*

Group travel requirements
TMT reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any tour that has an insufficient number of travelers up to the final payment/booking date. If an insufficient number of travelers register for your tour, you may choose another tour and/or departure date with a sufficient number of travelers and available space, or cancel your tour without penalty and receive a refund of monies paid. Please ensure you have appropriate Travel Insurance in place. The number of required travellers varies by tour.


Although we want everyone to have a good time, it sometimes happens that someone participating in a tour can misbehave or do things that are incompatible with the safety, comfort, or convenience of other members of the tour. In those circumstances we have the exclusive right and discretion to expel anyone from a tour at any time, without any refunds, claims or complaints made against us.

Itinerary variations & holidays
If improvements can be made to tour itineraries or unforeseen circumstances necessitate changes, TMT reserves the right to amend, adjust or alter itineraries. TMT cannot control schedule changes on railway or flights components of tours, as airlines and railway companies reserve the right to make changes. TMT will make every effort to notify you as early as possible of such changes. Due to local or national holidays, seasonal hours of operation or availability, special events and/or peak harvest seasons, access to certain facilities and attractions including but not limited to vineyards, museums, historical sites or stores may be limited. On such occasions, and whenever possible, itinerary adjustments will be made by TMT to minimize traveler inconvenience. If, however, your enjoyment might be diminished by such limitations, please check with the respective national tourist office(s) before selecting a tour and travel date.

Passports, Travel Visas & Pardons
You are responsible for obtaining any travel documents and verifying entry requirements necessary for each country of travel on your selected tour itinerary, including any required vaccinations, as TMT is not responsible for providing this information or documentation. Canadian & US citizens (including children) are required to have a passport for all trips outside of Canada or the United States, which must be valid for at least six months beyond the completion date of the tour. Entry laws differ with respect to travelers’ citizenship. If you do not already possess a Passport, please allow ample time to apply for and receive it. Check with Passport Canada or the State Department to see what their processing time is. You are responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of delays or itinerary changes related to your lack of appropriate travel documents and are therefore ineligible for any refund from TMT. TMT recommends that if you are not a Canadian or US citizen, you apply for any necessary visas with a Visa Service provider. If you decide to apply for your visa directly with the applicable consulate(s) and require additional assistance and/or documentation from TMT, you may be subject to a special arrangements fee of $100USD. Please keep in mind that convictions for offenses such as DUI (Driving Under the Influence) MAY prevent you from entering another country. Please look into this if it applies to you, PRIOR to departure. If you are delayed at ANY point of entry on the tour, the tour will not wait for you, and catching up will be at your own expense. If you are disallowed from entering any country on the tour, your immediate return home will be at your own expense.

Trip Cancellation/Delay & Medical Insurance

While TMT does not sell insurance, we strongly urge all of our guests to have it. Please research carefully and read the "fine print" of any insurance product to ensure that it will meet your potential needs before you purchase the Insurance AND your tour & flights. All insurance products are not created equal. There is nothing worse than having to cancel a trip, only to discover your trip cancellation insurance doesn't cover your reason for cancelling. While you may have some travel insurance through your work benefits or credit card company it may not be enough or suitable coverage. As well, purchasing supplemental coverage from another provider may nullify those benefits. Please read all policies thoroughly before making additional insurance purchases and speak to the provider before making a decision. TMT requires proof of insurance or your acknowledgement that you are responsible for any costs incurred from delayed flights, lost luggage or medical emergencies.

Legal responsibilities
TMT makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of its publications, but it cannot be held responsible for typographical or printing errors, including but not limited to prices. TMT tours are not for resale, however, select tours &/or departure dates may be made available by Triple M Tours for purchase on a group buying or other third party website. Regardless, travelers must reserve their seat directly with TMT.

Triple M Tours Release & Agreement

Agreement between _________________________, authorized representative of Triple M Tours, and _______________________, “the customer”.

1) The tour operator for your trip is Triple M Tours “TMT”, 133 Chaparral Crescent SE, Calgary, CANADA. GST# 81828 1792 RT0001

2) I, ______________________________on behalf of myself and/or my minor child (if applicable), understand that my tour begins with my arrival at the first hotel on the specific start date of my tour itinerary and ends upon completion of the tour as stated in the itinerary tour selected. I further understand that travel involves certain risks to personal health, safety and property. Many foreign countries do not have the safety and health standards that are present in Canada. I am willing to accept the associated risks of travel and understand that TMT cannot guarantee the health and safety of participants.

3) I agree to release TMT and its affiliates (which term shall include parents, subsidiaries, officers, directors, shareholders, agents and employees of TMT as well as TMT itself) (the “Released Parties”) from, and agree not to sue the Released Parties for, any and all claims, of any nature related in any manner to my participation in a TMT-sponsored tour, including but not limited to, claims for negligence, breach of contract, breach of express or implied warranties, or wrongful death. I hereby unconditionally and unequivocally waive any and all claims and demands for all damages, losses, costs and expenses of any nature whatsoever (including attorneys’ fees) on account of or arising out of any and all personal injury, death, bodily injury, mental anguish, emotional distress, property or other damage that I may suffer from any cause whatsoever related in any way to my participation in any TMT-sponsored tour. I further agree to release and hold harmless the Released Parties from any and all decisions to cancel, modify or delay the tour as a result of acts of God, war (whether declared or undeclared), terrorist activities or threats of terrorist activities, instability in a destination country, incidents of violence, public health issues or quarantine or threats of public health issues, substantial currency fluctuations, strikes, governmental restrictions, fire or severe weather conditions that make it impossible or commercially unreasonable in the sole opinion of TMT to conduct the tour. I further agree to hold the Released Parties harmless for the acts or omissions of any other individuals or entities over which the Released Parties have no direct or indirect control, including, without limitation, airlines, railways, bus companies, hotels, shipping companies, tour guides and subcontracted agents or tour operators. I understand and acknowledge that TMT does not own or operate any of the entities that provide goods or services on my tour.

4) I understand that the air carrier’s liability for loss of or damage to baggage or property, or for death or injury to person, is limited by their tariffs or the Warsaw Convention or both.

5) I understand and agree that TMT shall have no liability or responsibility for me when I am absent from TMT-supervised activities or for non-TMT-supervised activities, such as visits to friends or relatives or during pre-/post-stay periods if the pre-/post-stay period does not include the services of a TMT Tour Manager.

6) I understand and agree that TMT reserves the right to refuse or cancel my reservation at their sole discretion. In such event, prior to 90 days before departure, a full refund will be issued, otherwise standard cancellation guidelines as outlined in the Booking Conditions apply.

7) I agree to abide by TMT regulations and the directions of my Tour Manager and TMT personnel during my tour. I understand that TMT is an LGBT friendly company. TMT has a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding verbal or physical abuse of staff or other guests. There will be no "second chances". I understand I will not be allowed on any other TMT tours in the future if I am removed from a tour due to abuse of staff or guests. I understand that to disobey such rules or directions is to waive the right to a refund of any part of the fee, and that TMT will terminate my tour on the spot, and I will not be eligible for any refund.

​8) I understand that if I am behaving in a way or do things that are incompatible with the safety, comfort, or convenience of other members of the tour, TMT has the exclusive right and discretion to expel me from a tour at any time, without any claims or complaints against them, nor will I be eligible for ANY refund.

9) I agree to abide by all local laws when abroad. I also understand that, should local authorities be involved, I will be subject to the laws of the country I am visiting. It is my responsibility to notify my country's embassy or consulate if I require legal assistance.

10) I understand and agree that if I become ill or incapacitated, and am unable to make decisions for myself or communicate those decisions, TMT and its employees may take any action they deem necessary for my safety and well-being, including securing medical treatment (at my own expense) and transporting me home (at my own expense). TMT retains the right and has my authorization, in its sole discretion, to contact my emergency contact(s) with regard to health issues or any matter whatsoever that relates to my tour. In the event of a medical emergency, TMT will attempt to cause appropriate treatment to be administered, and I authorize TMT to do so. TMT, however, makes no warranty that it will be able to cause effective (or any) emergency treatment to be administered. I WILL PROVIDE PROOF OF TRAVEL & MEDICAL INSURANCE OR ACCEPT FULL FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR NOT HAVING IT.

11) I understand and agree that TMT has the right to make changes in tour itineraries and departure dates, and to modify transportation arrangements.

12) I understand that it is my responsibility to secure the necessary travel documents (passports, visas or pardons). Failure to do so does not constitute grounds for a refund except according to the refund and cancellation guidelines as outlined in the Booking Conditions.

13) I understand that I will be required to pay for any phone calls or incidental personal expenses that I incur at hotels, as well as for any damage I cause to hotel rooms, buses or other property. I understand I may be required to provide a valid credit card upon arrival at each hotel or place a cash deposit (in the local currency) to pay for such incidental personal expenses.

14) I understand and agree that this agreement and TMT Booking Conditions constitute the entire agreement between TMT and me with reference to the subject matter herein, and I do not rely upon any promises, inducements or agreements not herein, including but not limited to any oral statements made to me by any agents or employees of TMT. This agreement may be amended or modified only in writing, signed by both parties. The waiver by TMT of any provision of this agreement shall in no way affect the remaining provisions of this agreement, and this agreement shall be interpreted as if such clause or provision were not contained herein.

15) I understand and agree that this agreement shall be governed in all respects, and performance hereunder shall be judged, by the laws of the Alberta Provincial Court of Canada. In the event of any claim, dispute or proceeding arising out of my relationship with TMT, or any claim which in contract, tort, or otherwise at law or in equity arises between me and the Released Parties, whether or not related to this agreement, all parties submit and consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the Provincial Court of Alberta of Canada.

16) I understand and consent that TMT may use any film likenesses taken of me and any of my comments while on a TMT tour for future publicity and also use my contact information for future TMT promotions.

17) I understand that if I have any food or environmental allergies, such as,  but not limited to, nuts or bee stings, I will disclose this to TMT and the Tour Manager of my tour. TMT will make every effort to inform group dining venues of my food allergy, but cannot guarantee my allergen(s) will not be present in my meal, or the meals of those around me. It is my responsibility to carry the appropriate and necessary medication to counteract these allergens for the duration of my tour. TMT will not be held responsible if I do have an allergic reaction regardless of whether or not they have been informed of said allergy. Food preferences DO NOT constitute an allergy. Every effort will be made to accommodate these preferences, but their availability cannot be guaranteed.  You may be required to provide a doctor's certificate verifying you do in fact have a specific allergy, and not simply a preference for, or dislike of, certain foods. This certificate, if requested by TMT will be provided prior to 90 days before departure and any costs associated with obtaining it are my responsibility. Failure to inform TMT of my allergy or preference prior to 90 days before departure could result in group menu items or pre-selected meals not meeting my specific desires. In such a case, I will be responsible for purchasing my own meal.

18) I understand that my payment of either a "Hold My Spot" or full tour deposit, constitutes agreement with the Terms & Conditions and this Release & Agreement. By agreeing to this Release & Agreement and Booking Conditions on behalf of other travelers, under the age of 18, for whom I am completing the enrollment process, I warrant that I am authorized to act on behalf of such individual(s) and I acknowledge and affirm that TMT reliance on my authority is reasonable. I agree to indemnify and defend TMT for any claims arising out of any violation of the warranty.

​19) Omitting important &/or requested information, or altering these Terms & Conditions, will render it invalid, and could result in making you ineligible to participate in your selected tour and subject to our cancellation fees policy or your expulsion from a tour you are on, at your own expense.

*Note: A PDF copy of these Terms & Conditions and Release & Agreement will be e-mailed to you shortly after your full deposit has been paid.