Why Public Transit?

One of our goals at Triple M Tours, is to let you experience the places we visit from the perspective of a local. Locals don't ride in luxury motor coaches to get from point A to point B, and very few of them drive a car in the city. Major European towns and cities were not built for large tourist buses. Particularly in the "old" parts of a city,  where most of the interesting things are, the streets are narrow, often twisty and difficult for a bus to navigate. The big tourist sites (especially in Paris, Barcelona and Monte Carlo) have bus drop off points or parking lots quite some distance away. In a bus, you also have to deal with traffic - a LOT of traffic. That can mean delays, sitting in a bus for an extended period rather than seeing the city and possibly missing scheduled tours. Some of the cool, out of the way places that we like to take you, aren't really on the tourist radar, so no provision for bus parking is in place at all.

In downtown Paris, you are rarely more than a 12 minute walk from a Metro Station. Therefore, in order to offer the best use of your time and money, and save you from the frustration of traffic jams, Triple M Tours provides unlimited Metro/Transit  passes in Paris and other selected large cities where coach buses are more of a hassle than a convenience. These passes (along with maps and coaching from your Tour Manager once on site) are included in your tour pricing. This also means, that when you have free time, there are no extra transportation costs for you to get to the places you'd like to visit. Public transit in Europe is extremely well planned and efficient.

With that in mind, please be aware that stairs, escalators and medium distance walks (1-3km sometimes up hills, on uneven cobblestone, and possibly with your luggage) are to be expected, even though in Downtown Paris you are rarely more than a 12 minute walk from a subway station. Please talk to us before booking your tour if you have any kind of mobility problems.