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Triple M Tours is a Calgary, Alberta based tour operator. We create unique Hobby or Special Interest tours. Come with us and explore the historical Mansions, intriguing Museums, and delightful Markets full of culinary diversity of  Europe while focusing on your particular passion. Learn new skills from Master Instructors or at prestigious Colleges, make new friends and shop till you drop. Whether it's beading, bra making, running or another hobby, it's guaranteed to be an amazing trip. Feel free to bring a companion too - even if they don't share your passion. We always have a tour manager available to make sure those guests have a fantastic time while the others are in classes or touring venues related to their hobby, and you'll have plenty of free time to explore the locations together. Get in touch to learn more.

Our Story


What happens when a Parisian boy and a Prairie girl break bread on a cold Winnipeg winter's night, and discover a mutual love for good food, the colour purple, travel and Star Trek?


They move to Alberta, get married twice - once in a town called Vulcan, once in France, and start a European tour company of course!


That's pretty much our story in a nutshell.

We want to share our love of Europe with you. Let us show you the well known spots and the hidden gems that so many people overlook - all the while focusing on your passion.


So come along with us! We promise it will be the trip of a lifetime!


​A la votre!

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